Thursday, 3 September 2015

Understanding an electric hoist better

We have seen people using electric hoists at home or at office but many times we find ourselves clueless on their real functioning and benefits. Let us give this critical equipment a thoughtful eye.

An electric hoist is an electro-mechanical device that is used to lift and lower objects in a vertical plane. So everything from a pulley to a complicated lifting system run through electricity is an example of an electric hoist. They can be attached to particular type of hardware as well, thus allowing them to work horizontally as well. This increases their work capability.

While buying one should always consider the load that one would be applying over it . This would be helpful in deciding its capacity factor. Generally you will find hoists in capacities such as 1 ton electric chain hoists, 2 ton electric chain hoists, 3 ton electric chain hoists and so on.

Other important factors that need consideration include the capacity of the motor attached. Generally motors work on 30 min basis. This means that the motor would run for half an hour and then take a rest for half an hour. The environment where you would be using the electric hoist is also a critical factor.  Go for specialized hoists if you are using them in humid, abrasive or extreme environment conditions.

If finding the right supplier for such specialized items is your worry then there is no need to worry at all. Numerous reputed retailers are proving such products through their website ad you can find them easily through Google search.