Monday, 28 December 2015

Making your work speedy with used electric chain hoists

When heavy and bulky objects are to be lifted in a hassle free manner, some equipment is needed to facilitate for lifting and landing purposes. This makes it easier for the workers to perform several tasks perfectly and safely. In construction, automobile, engineering and more, electric chain hoist is most commonly used for this purpose. For 100% accuracy and efficiency on your task and, you can rely on an electric chain hosts. These have capacity to lift all kinds of objects including small items and heavy ones. If you want to pick an ideal option for carrying out lifting and loading activities at your workplace, some of the excellent choices are available for you online.

In case, it looks challenging to navigate the entire network of distributors, use an online directory service. This is the best alternative to connect with reputable distributors and choose from a variety of new and used electric chain hoists with different weight capacities. Different models have different features and functionalities. Also, with different capacities, these handle different weights. A distributor may or may not have the type of electric chain hoist you’re looking for. It’s time saving and convenient to you if you find different distributors and dealers right at one place. Make sure the one you buy has some built-in feature to ensure the safety standards.

Before you acquire a hoist for your business, you have to be well-acquainted with the industrial need and applicability of high quality standards. Avoid the cheaper and inferior quality hoist, even if your budget is tight. A low-priced alternative is to order a used electric chain hoist. With the comfort of an online directory like, you can buy the ones that are in excellent working condition.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Choose The Right Electric Hoist

Electric hoist functionalities and latest features make them very useful for small and large businesses. Yet, choosing the right hoist can be complicated. You may come across online and physical vendors that offer many brands, models, and confusing options.  So how do you choose the right hoist?

For electric hoists a very important factor is electricity supply. Electric hoists come in different design units carefully built to work with different electric capacities. The most advanced and powerful ones use a three phase system. Single phase electric chain hoists are less powerful and ideal for building and construction operations and even residential use.

Hoist buyers must look into brands that are associated with quality products like CM chain hoists. Your brand of choice must feature durable designs that take environmental issues into account. They should have a high level of customer satisfaction. Your vendor of choice should offer the most competitive prices in the market. Also, a committed customer service department that handles guarantee and warranty issues is important.

A reputable brand will offer quality electric hoists at exceptional prices and a high level of customer service. When you choose the right brand of hoist(s) your business will reap the rewards.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Buy The Best Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists Online And Save

When your operations have necessity of lifting large masses, and in the most quick and effective manner, the use of chain hoist is a must. Depending upon your needs, you may need a small portable or a larger fixed hoist. There are of course several options in the market by leading brands for you to choose from according to your needs. The standard type of course is that which is electric driven and has different configurations.

Easy to navigate

You will come across several online stores that makes complete display of different types of hoists that they have in systemized and categorized way. It is easy to find the necessary single phase electric chain hoists or three phase under the appropriate heading instead of having to scroll through thousands of options and varieties. Once you find the type of mechanism that you wish to buy, you can check out all its details by simply clicking on it. Some of these websites are owned by leading distributors of the chain hoists and have a huge running collection of the products that they display.

At discounted prices

Most of these websites are known for selling brand leading products and you will get the entire range of cm electric chainhoists at these portals at the most economical prices. Whether you are looking for single speed with three phase complete hoist system or the push trolley, you will find it all. In case you are worried about the transaction procedure, you can rest assured of the security that they maintain about the personal information of their customers’ card details. Most of them will not store your details unless you specifically instruct them to do so. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Understanding an electric hoist better

We have seen people using electric hoists at home or at office but many times we find ourselves clueless on their real functioning and benefits. Let us give this critical equipment a thoughtful eye.

An electric hoist is an electro-mechanical device that is used to lift and lower objects in a vertical plane. So everything from a pulley to a complicated lifting system run through electricity is an example of an electric hoist. They can be attached to particular type of hardware as well, thus allowing them to work horizontally as well. This increases their work capability.

While buying one should always consider the load that one would be applying over it . This would be helpful in deciding its capacity factor. Generally you will find hoists in capacities such as 1 ton electric chain hoists, 2 ton electric chain hoists, 3 ton electric chain hoists and so on.

Other important factors that need consideration include the capacity of the motor attached. Generally motors work on 30 min basis. This means that the motor would run for half an hour and then take a rest for half an hour. The environment where you would be using the electric hoist is also a critical factor.  Go for specialized hoists if you are using them in humid, abrasive or extreme environment conditions.

If finding the right supplier for such specialized items is your worry then there is no need to worry at all. Numerous reputed retailers are proving such products through their website ad you can find them easily through Google search.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

5 Things that make a good electric hoist selling website

Whether it is home or office, the use of electric hoist can't be ignored. They help us carry loads to great heights, which is very difficult affair if done manually. When it comes to buying them, we generally rely on online sellers, but do you know many of them just confuse you to heed their sales needs.

So what makes a good online electric hoist seller? Let us give it a watch.

1) Best Brands at Competitive Prices- Many retailers only promote those brands that give them good commission. Many of them could have a poor quality reputation. So go for the website that offers only good products and that too at cost-effective prices. You can get hold of such brands through a simple search.

2) User-friendly Website- A clumsy website showcasing all possible electric chain hoists is a bad idea as its ends you nowhere. Look for sites that provide selective products with good descriptions. Such things assist you in making a better purchase.

3) Knowledgeable Customer Service- Customer service is the key to this industry. When you call them for any enquiry they should have complete information on the products, including giving you insights on the product that suit your requirement in the best possible way. In short, electric chain hoists purchase demands knowledgeable sales engineers.

4) Secure Transactions- As with other e-commerce retailers, you need to pay online for your purchase. And obviously we need a secure and well-encrypted gateway. To ensure this, confirm that the website has a SSL certificate. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Move Your Hoists Safely with Air Chain Hoists

You are definitely not an exception to those who want a guarantee of absolute safety, and efficiency as far as moving your lodestar is concerned. Keeping this in mind the concerned professionals have made several chain hoists for you. There are two types of chain hoists that are said to be electric and non-electric. A lot of options are available for you in the market. Out of these you can choose the best one that perfectly suits your purpose. High quality lodestars are there to lessen all inconvenience in moving any load. There are many leading distributors to provide you with hassle free service.

Types of hoists and their measures

A motor not necessarily have to be electrically operated to assure you the efficiency. Manual motors are also there to provide you an equal service. There are motors that are air driven and you can call them as air chain hoists. Highly standardized chain hoists are marketed in a wide range. Various measures of these are obtainable starting from 1/8 ton to even more that 10 ton air hoists. Hand chain hoists are also accessible as lifting hook. It requires manual power or strength to operate and uses rope, chin or fiber as lifting medium. Both of the above mentioned hoists require manual power to operate.

Make the most of the hoist you have bought

Although electrically powered chain hoists are the ones that are most commonly used yet it does not mean that air hoists and all other types of chain hoists have become outdated. These hoists generally have a lifetime of ten years but sometimes it solely depends on the total amount of loads they are carrying on a regular basis. If you are from material manufacturing or bulk handling field you are the right customer for this type of hoists that assure you quality outcome at an affordable cost. You have to see to the fact that they can also show a breakdown if the tensile load is more than the capacity of their internal clutches.